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There is something nice about driving, especially when the wind flows over you making feel more in touch with the road and landscape. Compared to the other types, a convertible is said to give that yo

It is a common phenomenon that we give utmost importance to the safety of our vehicle and enhancing the overall experience when we are inside our car. Automotive interiors and accessories bring about

In the long run as your car starts to age you will notice that the auto headliner of automotive interiors will start to become baggy and unglued. This will take place after a period of eight to ten years from the time the car has been purchased. At the early stage the material will start to hang from the car’s roof it will start to block your vision and later on one fine day it will come and fall on you.

There are some individuals who will try to find out some possible solutions to affix this problem. They will try all kinds of reckless ideas which will certainly work for temporary period only.

Let’s have a view on some of the ideas that it’s followed by most car owners

T-shaped pins used for macrame, by hobbyists, embroiderers etc. are now used for affixing hanging auto headliners. These pins usually have an area surface of about an inch. This technique will work for a while but later on the material will start to hang from other side.

The next option that used is to affix the auto headliners of auto interiors is by using Thumbtacks. It will help you to stick the headliner to the roof. But one day you will shock to see that it has again fallen down. Hence this technique of affixing will not last for longer time.

Today in market spray adhesive are made available for various purpose. Some try to use this so as to fix that shagging material. It will certainly solve your problem but it will not hold on the surface for more than a day or two. This adhesive glue will not work for the longer time as your material is still placed up.

The only solution that is available in front of you is to replace the old material with new auto headliners. This will ask to spend some extra amount but it is worth to spend. Instead of offering that shabby looks to your auto soft tops to replace with a new one will be the best choice made. With a help of professional installer you can give to your car interiors a new look. You can even go with the option of do it yourself by purchasing a kit that is available in market. They are available in foam backed cloth and with adhesives.

Do it yourself will ask for some time and patience from your side. Over here you are going to unscrew the trim that is holding the auto headliners. Once you have removed it your next job will be to remove all the flaky foam from the board of headliner with a help of a stiff brush. A solid clean should be given as for the reason you are going to re-glue them so as to affix your new material. Once you have clean the surface and affixed the new material you are required to reinstall the auto headliners into your car interiors.

Temporary methods are not that useful than the permanent solution. Invest once, relax calmly and drive safely.

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