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In the long run as your car starts to age you will notice that the auto headliner of automotive interiors will start to become baggy and unglued. This will take place after a period of eight to ten ye

Your car looks grand and great when they are brand new but, as time passes a phase crops up where you will be required to maintain your car on a regular basis to make it function in the most effective

By definition, a convertible is nothing but an automobile which has a flexible roof. This flexible & attachable roof is named a convertible top. By retracting & folding the roof, this normal, enclosed car can be converted to an open air vehicle.

Basic Mechanism of a Convertible Top:

The roof is normally fastened to the body of the vehicle & it is non-detachable. The roof gets folded away into a space behind the rear seats. The roof is operated manually or automatically. Convertible tops are made of either by soft material like vinyl or canvas or by some tough materials like steel, aluminum & plastic. Vehicle having soft top is called a roadster or cabrio. Tough material automobiles are named coupe cabriolet.

To Maintain a Convertible Top:

Convertible tops get damaged due to sun’s rays. Fading, staining, cracking – these are the negative effects normally one faces. Some tops which are sensitive require long-lasting coatings. For tops with plastic windows, cleaning at car wash or at home is suggested. For home cleaning, soap & water are to be used, to be followed by, spraying & cleaning with wax. Discoloration is a possibility due to wax cleaning. So, it is better to be avoided. The convertible tops having glass windows can be cleaned using normal glass cleaners. A razor blade can be used for removing debris. Vacuum cleaners also serve the purpose.

Cars with convertible tops were much in demand in 1980’s. Men from all walks of life, wanted to own these cars. Today, youngsters are more fascinated by these types of cars with convertible tops. A convertible car, despite being a luxury car, is liked by everyone. Sitting in the car, enjoying the feel of the sunshine, wafting through the gust of wind, relishing the metallic band emerging from the stereo, admiring the natural landscape on the highways, sniffing the salubrious breeze away from the cities – a real pleasure to cherish.

Your desires & demands will decide the kin of vehicle you like. There are 3 kinds of tops - Vinyl convertible top, canvas & hard tops convertible. There are some subcategories also. A car specialist will be of much use in your decision-making process. You should remember the year & the make of the model. These minor details will be required to finalize about the suitable top of your car. For instance, the cars of one era may require a particular service which will be different from the service offered to the cars from another period. So, it is imperative that you remember these basic details about the year & make of the model.

After installing the top on your car, you have to think about maintaining it well. Your involvement in the upkeep of the car will make the car serve you for a longer period. Convertible tops made of vinyl or canvas will be susceptible to the impact of elements of the road. Dirt patches, dust particles, bird droppings, climate impact – the convertible top becomes a victim to all these factors. A car detailer will help you in the maintenance of the car. You can also strive to put forth same effort. To avoid scratches, you should not use brush.

Convertible top gives an aristocratic look. In the absence of care & maintenance, it won’t last long. Sunlight causes more damage to the top. Rear window suffers the damage initially. Scratches & discoloration damage the rear windows. The following products – soft sponge or brush, vinyl window cleaner, convertible top protectant breathable car cover, soft terry cloth towel & clothing lint roller.

The below-mentioned ways & means will be useful tips for maintaining your convertible tops.

  • Speciality cleaners have to be used on soft tops.
  • Washing the tops comes next.
  • It should not be done in sunlight.
  • For plastic windows, separate cleaners & polishes have to be applied.
  • After washing it with plain water, allow it to dry.
  • Don’t fold it.
  • To preserve color & texture, use a top protectant after cleaning.
  • Bird droppings should be removed immediately as they are acidic.
  • Snow accumulating on the top is to be prevented. Too much snow will bend the metal frame.
  • Park your vehicles in garages or car ports.
  • Place a soft towel or baby blanket over the plastic rear window.

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