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Being a great British luxury and prestige, Jaguar cars are an exclusive piece compared to other automobiles. Providing a supercharged style, it is a matter of satisfaction to have one of such brand th

Car enthusiasts desire to make everyride enjoyable and comfortable, so they add personalizedtouches for a warm and welcoming look. Carenthusiasts not only strive hard to have a pleasingfeel for themse

Cars are the most valuable assets thatwe possess and we all are aware that we are very passionateabout them. We all love to take care of our cars andalways strive to make it look unique. Hence we intendhaving the carinteriors, exteriors youthful and pleasantto look. These days’ people are resorting to theusage of convertible top. Convertible top is a typeof vehicle top that has the capability of either foldingor retracting. They are either soft or hardtops; majority of section prefer softtops but there are some sections of the societythat go for hard tops. Hard tops have the capabilityto fold inwards; they are not often referred as convertibles.They are called as retractable hardtops because of theframes that they possess that are made out of steel.Convertibletops are made either from canvas or vinylthat fits over steel or a strong plastic frame.

History : The firsttime when the convertible cars were manufactured, theywere made with two doors and the same trend is evencontinuing today. The production of convertible carsalmost shooted up between the 1950s-1970s and it wasavailable with only one plastic rear window. But thesedays the trend has changed completely, now the heatedglass window is been replaced by the plastic windowwith a number of convertible options.

Folding designs :We all like to use high technological and sophisticatedproducts, so it is important that we are well informedabout the process of effective functioning of convertibletops. The folding design varies on the type of top’sframe and the process of folding can be very simpleto very elaborate. There are wide ranges of convertibletops available with different folding techniques, whilesome are electrically equipped and some are to be handledmanually. The electric tops are available with a retractionmechanism that has been designed to fold and unfoldthe frame, this is called as power tops. The driverneeds to merely push a button and the top folds inwardsor goes up. The manual tops on the other require thedriver to remove the top’s latches from the windshieldand then he needs to manually push the top downwards.Incase he wants to put the top up then he has to pullthe top manually upwards and then reattach the latchesto the windshield. The process sounds tough but it isimportant to note that when it is practically done aftera reading it will be an easy task altogether.

Cleaning tips : Convertibletops are made up from different combinations of materiallike vinylwith cotton and woven acrylic with cotton or nylon.It is important that you maintain the convertible topwith care and follow a prescribed procedure to cleanit: Mix the solution with a mild detergent with waterin a bucket, remove the dirt from the top (do not scratchor poke to remove the dirt). Then apply the cleaner,rub it with a soft cloth and gentle pressure will removethe dirt all over. Rinse the top with plenty of wateruntil the soap is taken off. Allow the fabric to dryand wipe the windows with clean lint-free towel.

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