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It is a common phenomenon that we give utmost importance to the safety of our vehicle and enhancing the overall experience when we are inside our car. Automotive interiors and accessories bring about

A convertible caris one of the best luxuries, having the facility ofbeing able to cruise all along the highway with a topdown, the flying hair, the sun’s rays on the skinis a real revitalizing feel. I

Those of you who are fond of car travel or have the necessity to travel by car more frequently and longer distances will obviously want the car interior to be rich, comfortable and pleasing.

Car seats are the major attractive component of a car interior and if you have the right seat covers, they will provide you lot more comfort and pleasure while riding in your vehicle. Genuine leather seat covers will do the magic for you.

It is a fact that car seats are quite often subject to rough use by constant friction, fingernail marks left by kids and scratches by pets, exposure to dirt, UV rays etc. Discolored seats with all types of stains can be loathsome and mar your car travel pleasure.

There is a wide variety of car seat covers available in the market of differing qualities and price range and come in various colors - principally black, beige, and gray. But the three critical parameters for you judge car seat covers are durability, soft touch, and aesthetics. There cannot be two opinions that genuine leather seat covers fully meets all these parameters and are the ultimate in car seat covers.

Genuine leather seat covers can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and to superbly fit the contours of your car seats. Perfect fitting is essential to achieve total protection and comfort. When made of high class genuine leather, the car seat covers are exceptionally breathable, provide added appeal and remarkable firmness and durability and are water-resistant. Genuine leather seat covers as custom-fit auto accessory is unmatched by any other.

Please know that the custom-made genuine leather seat covers can keep the seats warm during winter and cool in summer months. The tough quality and yet the soft touch of genuine leather will help withstand all types of scratches as well as abrasions and will protect the original upholstery against all possible wear and tear. The unique feature of genuine leather seat covers is with passage of time, the finish of the leather keeps improving enhancing the appeal.

Custom-made leather seat covers are usually pre-tested for few hundred hours of UV weathering and thus they prevent ultraviolet rays that cause discoloring. Leather seat covers are simple to install and can be easily removed and refitted. Genuine leather seat covers are available for all car makes and models and in different color and patterns to suit your taste.

Whether you are looking for leather seat covers for car or van, trucks or SUV, the custom fit genuine leather seat covers are available for all types of vehicles. With plenty of varieties available, selecting the right leather seat covers that suits your vehicle needs may not be a problem.

The leather seat covers are available either as universal type or as custom seat covers. However, to obtain the ideal quality, aesthetics and sitting comfort, custom leather seat covers should be the preferred choice. You can select the color and pattern of your choice, personalize your car interiors, and travel in comfort.

As genuine leather seats covers are a luxury item, you will have to take some extra pains to keep them tidy. The best way to maintain the leather car seat cover is to clean it periodically. Try to vacuum the loose material, dirt and dust from the leather car seat covers as also from the side gaps and ridges. Clean the car leather seat covers using cleaning sponges or a stiff nylon brush with solutions meant for cleaning leather seat covers.

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